Committed to quality and style with a conscience

Grande Nueva in Union Suit Red

JijiBags: Tag on Flannel Grande Nueva Bag

Grande Nueva: Flannel

Stitch Detail on Flannel Grande Nueva Bag

Grande Nueva: Stone

Harness Leather Strap detail - JijiBags

Grande Nueva: Peace Blue

Nickel Grommet Detail on Flannel Grande Nueva Bag

Grande Nueva: Naranja

We make handbags that are fun, stylish, sophisticated and of timeless design....they are practical, durable and made with the highest quality wool felt, polished metal rivets, and harness leathers, all environmentally friendly materials. An alternative to mass produced products that do not sustain our economy or quality of life. Our mission is to design with enduring and beautiful materials using local talent and labor to create an aesthetic based on quality, harmony, and practicality.

We would love to hear from you...please phone, write, or email us for more information about any of our products, to order swatches, or to offer comments. We will happily discuss any custom design ideas and welcome wholesale inquiries.